Q:  How do I get access to the Functional Genomics Core?

A: Email your access request to FGCinfo@arl.arizona.edu or fill out the webform here


Q: Who can use the Functional Genomic Core?

A: The Functional Genomic Core is open to the entire University research community as well as private reseachers.


Q: Do I need to be performing high-throughput research to use the equipment in the Functional Genomic Core?

A: The Functional Genomic Core's equipment is open to any registered user of the laboratory.

Q: What equipment can is available for use in the Functional Genomic Core?

A: Descriptions of the instruments in the FGC are listed on our "instruments page". The BioTek Synergy 2Cellomics ArrayScan VTI, and Singer RoToR HDA are available for independent use with training. Our staff will program and operate the Biomek FX to perform High-throughput cell manipulations, Liquid handling operations, Drug screening, or RNAi screening.



Q: Where is the FGC?

A: The Functional Genomics Core is located in Biological Sciences West room 262 at 1041 E. Lowell Street. A map to the laboratory can be found here.


Q: What services do you offer?

A: A list of our services can be found on our "services page".


Q: What do I need to bring to the laboratory to use the equipment?

A: We try to supply the common laboratory incidentals (gloves, kimwipes, tips, tube racks, and pipettors). If your work involves a substantial amount of pipetting it is expected that you furnish your own tips. The staff will be happy to assign storage drawers to regular users of the facility.