Drug Screening

The FCG works with investigators to perform all necessary assay optimization and validation. The FCG staff then translates the protocol into a high throughput workflow on our liquid handling workstation and works with the researchers to perform their compound screen. The primary limit on the throughput of the screen is the speed of the assay. Simple fluorescence based assays can be read on our BioTek Synergy 2 or our Attune flow cytometer, while complex cell phenotyping can be performed on our Operetta CLS.

The FGC is integrated with the Arizona Center for Drug Discovery, providing resources for investigators conducting research in molecular biology to run live cell, biochemical and other assays. The Arizona Center for Drug Discovery, housed in the UA College of Pharmacy, creates the necessary infrastructure to bridge UA researchers with pharmaceutical partners to establish a collaborative environment to advance novel disease intervention findings beyond the laboratory setting. The Center works with faculty members and established scientists at the UA to assemble teams around shared research projects in drug discovery and development. Faculty members also have access to mentorship and guidance regarding how to get started in drug discovery.

If you would like to add your research to ACDD’s portfolio, complete a project proposal form and submit to Jamie McKay (mckay@pharmacy.arizona.edu).



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