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The Singer RoToR HDA pinning robot is a dedicated system for pinning arrays of yeast and bacteria. It is designed for rapid replication, arraying, mating and breakdown from 96 to 6144 density of yeast, bacteria, or fungal libraries from one (or multiple) source plate(s) to one (or multiple) target plate(s) on agar or in liquid medium.

A Singer Rotor pinning robot is available for pinning arrays of yeast or other microbes. This instrument is used to cross thousands of yeast strains to aid in yeast two hybrid screening, creation of novel yeast libraries, or replication of bacterial libraries.

Sample Input:

  • The Singer robot is able to transfer microbial colonies from agar or in liquide medium from 96, to 6144 formats to agar or in liquide medium.

Expected Results:

  • Arrays of yeast, bacteria, or fungi.


  • UofA Internal: $29.00 |  Academic / Nonprofit: $34.80 |  Industry: $50.75  |  Unit: Per Hour

Sample Preparation Details vary by experiment.