Beckman Coulter Biomek FX systems - liquid handling robots


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The FGC has two Dual arm Biomek FX liquid handling automation systems. The primary system is equipped with both a Liconic STX-44 live cell incubator and a large capacity Cytomat ambient storage hotel. The Liconic STX-44 incubator has temperature control, humidity control, CO2 control and can shake up to 1200 RPM. This incubator is capable of meeting the needs of most cell types for live cell screening. This system is also equipped with a detachable compound pinning tool, sonicating wash station, and pin drying fan. This robot can perform precision pipetting down to 0.2 µl and precision pinning down to 10 nl.

The second Dual arm Biomek FX liquid handeling automation system is equipped with both a large capacity incubated Cytomat storage hotel and and a large capacity Cytomat ambient storage hotel. This system is configured to perform a wide array of liquid handling operations. Both systems can perform high-throughput cherrypicking and plate refactoring, dilution and normalization, and the automation of most molecular biology protocols.

The FGC team is skilled in advanced Biomek protocol development. We write custom piplines for most projects. Our staff will program our Biomek FX to automate your pipetting tasks. The robot can be used for nearly any sample transfer that you can think of:

  • Plate refactoring

  • Sample normalization

  • Sample dilutions

  • Plate to plate transfers

  • Sample cherrypicking

  • Plate replication


  • UofA Internal: $31  |  Academic / Nonprofit: $37.20 |  Industry: $54.25  |  Unit: Per Hour

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