Custom laboratory automation - Biomek FX


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Our team specializes in writing custom programs (methods) and pipelines on our Biomek robots. Whether you need an entirely custom screening pipeline, or just the same few transfers done to a single plate week after week, we are happy to set up your project on our systems. It is our goal to train campus researchers to use our robots unassisted and on their own schedules. We make these instruments available to all trained users for independent use.

We have developed several programs (methods) that are designed to perform common cellular biology tasks in 96 or 384-well plates. These tasks include media swaps, PBS washes, reagent additions, etc. using the Biomek’s 96-tip pipetting head. These methods have been written with button interfaces that allow the operator to select from different plate types, numbers of plates, pipetting speeds and styles, and many other options to allow the operator to customize their usage independently.

We have also created programs to enable the operator to independently daughter and dilute compound libraries, perform cell based immunofluorescent assays (fix, permeabilize, probe with primary and secondary antibodies, wash, and stain).


  • UofA Internal: $31  |  Academic / Nonprofit: $37.20 |  Industry: $54.25  |  Unit: Per Hour

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