Our Mission

The Functional Genomics Core’s mission is to provide researchers at the University of Arizona with the capacity to run high-throughput compoundRNAi, and deletion library based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and/or target discovery.  We will work with you to develop an assaycarryout a screen and/or analyze the data.  The equipment in the laboratory is also available for general (low-throughput) use.

Our facility is setup in a modular fashion to ensure flexibility. We will develop a custom pipeline to meet your research goals.

Our Biomek FX liquid handling workstation with an integrated Liconic shaker incubator (temperature, humidity, and CO2 controlled) can be used to setup and grow most cell types in 96 well plates. This robot is equipped to add RNAi constructs, drugs or other stimuli to each plate. The Biomek FX can also be used to perform high-throughput biochemical assays. Cell based assays can be carried out using either the Operetta CLS  high-content analysis system or the CLARIOstar plus. Both instruments have powerful, but easy to use software for data analysis.

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Reference this core in grants and publications using:
University of Arizona Functional Genomics Core, RRID:SCR_023433